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Share Taking your business to new heights: PM Promotions

The retail world is a tough market. It is all about marketing and promoting a brand to get to the top and maintaining that position; that is where the real skill lies. It is all about the next best thing out there and who's gets to it first. If you‘re in business then sales are your number one priority.



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Share Making Better Cash Flow Forecasts

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Share Simple Rewarding Customer Service Rules

You customers are the most importantassert to your business. Keeping them happy simply means growth. How do you reward you valuable customers and loyal clients using exceptional customer service?

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Share Family Business 101- Challenges Faced In A Family Business

Why most family business are not successful? Is it the lack of professionalism or clash in interests?...

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Share Scam-Proof Your Savings

The worst of times can bring out the worst in people and this is no less applicable in the investment environment, where previously rosy looking investments can suddenly lose their blush.

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Share How To: Emphasize Business In Home-Based Business

The reason why most home-based businesses do not survive is in many cases the improper presentation and compromised professionalism. If you're running a home-based business, you need to be especially conscious of the image your home and your business are presenting to potential customers and clients.

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Share Protect Your Web Site from Attacks

The danger for small businesses is that if your site is compromised, you can be blocked by such browsing tools as Google Safe Search. This could prevent customers from being able to reach you. Few businesses can function with this type of interruption of Web services. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps that business owners can take to prevent their Web sites from being compromised by hackers.

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Share MTN,Bidvest and Sasol: What are they doing right?

In a recent survey conducted by management consulting firm AT Kearney for US magazine BusinessWeek for the world’s top 40 firms, mobile telecommunications giant MTN, energy and chemicals specialist Sasol Global services and trading and distribution group Bidvest were the three South African firms to be listed.

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Share Starting a small business: Rules to follow, questions to ask

So you‘ve got the talent, drive and inspiration to start your small business, that’s great. Personal attributes aside there are some basic rules to follow and questions to ask before you venture into a new small business. Simple but crucial project like conducting your own market research are pivotaldetermine what you want out of your business, is there a demand for what you want to sell or provide, project your business growthetc. Unfortunately as an entrepreneur business and personal are almost inseparable.

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Share When Should You Choose Term Insurance Instead of Whole Life Insurance?

When it comes to life insurance, it's important that you keep that saying in mind.

Most people are familiar with "whole" life insurance. This is the kind of insurance where you will get back a certain amount of money when it "matures" at the end of the insured period.

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