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Share How to: Encourage Shy Co-workers to Open Up

Shyness is something that is completely natural, some people are just reserved when around others and some aren’t. Shy people hide in the shadows, withdrawing from reach at times you get close to them and because they are shy, they do not approach you; and it can be hard to approach them.


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Share Boardroom Buzzwords

Chimerica - The intertwined economies of China and the United States, which together dominate the world economy. Many people initially thought that this term was a reference to a certain ex- American president (believed to a genetic prototype of mixing Chinese with American genes). It may have been his stature and awful trouble with English that seeded this belief but this is obviously not the real even though many Americans, to this day, insist he is tattooed “made in China” - somewhere! 

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Share Tips on how to achieve effective diary planning

Trying to maintain the solid balance between your business life and personal life can be very difficult, especially having to remember every important event, meeting, and then your child’s school play or even your wedding anniversary. This can be very difficult and strenuous, that is why you need to have a diary in which you write all your priorities.

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Share Start up a productive home office

During these times of economic pressure it makes sense for people to turn their hobbies into a business. If you are fortunate to have come up with a great idea to make extra cash then you will need to set up a home office to ensure your business reaches its full potential.

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Share Celebrate the job you have

The year has barely just begun and already many people are probably feeling depressed about their current job. This is probably because you carried all the stress and regret from the previous year into the new one. The festive season allowed you to relax and forget about it all but now its back to reality. But instead of moping around all day why don’t you do something?

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Share Team Building is Essential

While it may seem like having a team building exercise is wasted time and you and your workers could be working, it should never be seen in that light.

Team building is actually an extremely good exercise for you and your team.

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Share HOW TO...Overcome Speech Nerves

Do you get nervous and freeze up when you have to speak in front of a crowd? Even if it is people you know? Not to worry anymore as after reading this article you will be able to deal with pre-speech jitters.

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Share Expert Advice: Anna Martyn Advises on handling Job Loss /Retrenchment

Handling a retrenchment can be tremendously difficult but the most important thing to remember is that the decision to retrench employees is never personal and based purely on what is best for the business at that specific time.   One should never let the loss of a job affect their sense of worth or self confidence nor should it diminish all they have achieved over their career.


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Share HOW TO:Help Stressed Out Staff

Everyone gets stressed out at one point or another. Although the cause may not be work related, their work does get affected. Here are a few pointers that you need to know:

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Share HOW TO: Keep Employees Happy

The worst feeling to have is that of not wanting to wake up in the morning to go to work. No person would want to feel like that, work is work, but people have to feel energised.

 For employers to get the most and the best out of their staff, here are some things you should take note of…

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