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Share SA Government Says NO to Nationalisation

It was evident in the past few weeks that nationalisation of mines and of the Reserve Bank would jeopardise South Africa’s economy when the issue became a severe concern to foreign investors. "Noise" arose on the international community over nationalisation and the African National Congress (ANC) had been at pains reassuring investors that it had no plans to take ownership of privately owned mines. 

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Share Unpleasant Festive Season for Motorists – Another Petrol Hike?

Motorists might be stunned by another unpleasant surprise to start off the festive season with. Another petrol hike has been predicted by SA Fuel Retailers Association through the analysis of Reggie Sibiya, the chief executive....

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Share Ways to save fuel

Most, if not all, of us have been programmed to stay alert when it comes to spending when we are trying to budget. We try by all means to keep our expenditure reasonable and seek ways to cut down costs. In the interim one of the things that cross most people’s minds is saving fuel. In pursuit to saving fuel some would find magic fuel additives, special spark plugs and all what not but there are only 10 proven methods that are worth your while.

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Share Greener Pastures Lie On Mzansi Shores

UK’s unemployment rate worse than of South Africa: People of South Africa always seek greener pastures on the west and have a perception that countries like Britain and America have much more to offer. What South Africans do not know is that they might be better off in their own country than on the west. The cost of living is too high, competition is tight and some even have strong traces of racism. But that is not all, the recent statistics project that the rate of unemployment in Britain is on the rise.

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Share Take Control Of Internet Bills With Iburst Pre-Paid

During a time where the controlling of finances is the main topic of discussion in the business world, iBurst has taken a lead on the broadband market by providing the convenience of pre-paid internet services. This new offering gives consumers absolute control of their broadband spending.

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Share Selling Your Company

So finally the time has come to sell the business. After investing years of your time and uncounted thousands of dollars, it has become successful, providing for your needs and wants, and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Where do you start?

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Share Eskom’s 60% Hike, A Disgrace To The Public

South Africa’s inflation currently stands at above six percent (6.4%). This, to many, is an indication of a survival battle yet to follow on low and middle-income households. At the time when even the business giants have learnt to be more careful with their prices of basic services hit tolls and Eskom’s rumored 60 percent is definitely not something they are looking up to.

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Share It’s Women, who make it their Business

Women have grown from strength to strength from the hardship over the past decades; however no one said it was an easy journey through. Yet still today the growing never stops. Women across the world yet more importantly in this country have always been harshly underestimated and restore the need to reassure and prove themselves. We know our worth no doubt, but it’s the rest that don’t.

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Share The Global Agenda for 2009: The View from Davos

Business and governmental leaders face a destructive social backlash that could foment political instability, revive protectionism and reverse the trend towards globalization if they fail to develop effective solutions to the current economic crisis, participants at this year’s closing plenary session warned. Leaders of the G20 countries, who will meet in London in April, must quickly deliver on their commitment to develop a coordinated policy response to the most serious global recession since the 1930s.

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Share The online future

Developed during the Cold War to connect the computers of various military research facilities together, the Internet has become a vital part of our everyday lives. Shopping, gaming, education , dating, networking, keeping in touch with friends and family, conducting or running a business and even warfare have moved beyond the physical realm and entered the virtual universe.

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