Monday's Job Madness
Monday's Job Madness


Jobs from around the web, there’s one for everyone. Good luck with your search.


Nedbank Group - Teller X 2


Location:  Ngcobo, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Closing Date:   30 September 2013

Job Purpose:
To provide world class service by attending to teller related transactional and banking requirements and needs of clients and refer cross sell opportunities.

Essential Qualifications:
Grade 12
Preferred Qualifications:
Grade 12 with commercial subjects

Read more about the Job Here


Ampath - Runner


Location:  N1 City Depot,Gauteng, South Africa


Closing Date:   20 September 2013

Delivering of results
Grade 12 / Standard 10
Must be able to complete work procedures effectively with attention to detail
Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in english
Must demonstrate a high level of attention to detail
Must have basic admin skills

Read more about the Job Here


Store Associates at Mr Price (Pavilion)

We are presently seeking Store Associates with an enthusiastic approach towards dealing with customers to join our Mr. Price, Pavilion store.


A valid Grade 12 certificate and a minimum of 2 year’s experience in a Customer Service/Retail role.
Competecies Required

High energy levels, keen interest in retail, exceptional customer focus and a strong team orientation are the winning qualities we are looking for.
Your great communication skills and natural flair for fashion definitely sets you apart from the rest.

You will be involved in merchandising, general housekeeping, assisting customers with purchases, ensuring a strong sales drive and operating the Point of Sale. Your enthusiastic approach to retail sales, will ensure that you thrive in this fast paced environment. Are able to juggle a variety of tasks when necessary?

How to apply

To become a part of the Mr Price Apparel team, apply by faxing your detailed CV with traceable references to 031-328 4750 quoting the reference: (SA/App/Pavilion). Alternatively e-mail your CV to Chantelle van der Walt at:

Closing date: Monday, 30 September 2013

If you have not been contacted within 3 weeks of the closing date please consider your application unsuccessful

Office Administration Learnership

Location: n/a, South Africa

Closing Date: 18 October 2013

Jendamark Automation provides production solutions, mainly to the Automotive Industry, with the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Packing Industries benefiting from their services. The are currently offering an Admin Learnership for 2014.

Basic Requirements:
Entrance requirements: National Senior Certificate (Grade12).
Certified Disability.
Affirmative Action candidate.
Duration of learnership: November 2013 – November 2014

Learnership Objectives:
This programme, in association with CTU Training Solutions, provides learners with relevant administrative and high-level technological skills to meet the demands of the current and emerging business environment.

Leaners acquire a solid foundation of business office procedures and computer skills. By completely basic bookkeeping and Pastel accounting the learner can offer a wide range of invaluable skills to a business or entrepreneur.

National qualification obtained after completion of learnership.
FET Certificate: End User Computing
SAQA ID: 71853/NQF 4/132 credits.
Pastel Intermediate Certification
International Certification obtained after completion of learnership.
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft office Excel

Business Communication fundamentals
Computer literacy fundamentals
Windows 8
Telephone & Frontline Skills
Customer Service
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access)
Introduction to Project / Event Management
MS Publisher
Basic MS Project
Pastel Accounting (Basic Bookkeeping, Pastel)

Job Opportunities
Office Assistant, Office Administrator, Junior Secretary, Accounts Clerk, Junior Bookkeeper, Personal Assistant, Secretary, Pastel Clerk.

How to Apply
Send your CV to Nicky Daniels at



Coega Development Corporation: Learnership Opportunities
Location: Port Elizabeth
Closing Date: 31 October 2013

Contract Position in the Manufacturing (general but non-automotive but including clothing and textile) Industry.

Roles And Responsibilities

To enter into a training contract, with formal instruction, at the traning centre in Port Elizabeth. To train in the designated field until all prescribed outcomes have been met or the contract expires or is cancelled.

Minimum Requirements

A minimum of Grade 12 with Maths and Science.
Have not participated in a similar apprenticeship/learnership before.
Applicants must be South African Citizens.
How To Apply

Apply Online by clicking the link below



Good luck!!!

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