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Is It The Lack Respect For Work Place Or It's Evolution
Is It The Lack Respect For Work Place Or It's Evolution

Growing up I use to watch and admire my parents daily routine, my mother and father were both working, father was in a co operate environment and my mother was a teacher, what I loved about them is their dedication to their professions and the respect they had for their work.

My mom always prepared clothes for her and my father to wear to work the night before, because she left an hour before my father she would put whatever she had chosen for him to wear to work that day outside his closet, his shirt, jacket, pants, socks, cufflinks and tie and in return my father polished and shined my mother’s collection of black leather shoes.

My parents were always dressed up, for work every day, sunshine or rain, they had formal clothing everyday when they left for work, I remember how everybody took their job so serious they dressed up properly for work, everybody teachers, nurses, lawyers and even construction workers knew that how you dress was a huge part of your work, but lately, nobody dresses up for work anymore.

 In my work place we have both young and old people, and the difference in a way we present ourselves is very huge, the older ones still wear their proper suites and formal everything while the young generations just work with whatever we have, on a Monday somebody will be wearing leather skirt, denim shirt and 2 chains inspired earrings, or red stilettos, with purple jeans and cleavage exposing tops.

I’ve seen boys going to working wearing jeans, and sneakers, nobody did that in the golden days, young people have really lost respect for co operate culture, nobody dresses up for work anymore, if you think I’m exaggerating the situation, do go to facebook and look at everybody’s pictures and updates about work, you’ll see wonders, girls wearing short skirts and showing cleavage at the office like everybody is running for the title of the office sl*t,  guys wearing clolurful clothes or t shirts fit only for a lazy day at home on Sunday.

I don’t want to begin with the constant sulking about how boring work is, how everybody can’t wait for Friday, on Monday morning.

 Do you share my sentiments or you think I’m over the top and trying to create unnecessary drama for everyone?

Sound off on our facebook page.


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