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Dumb You Are Funny: Some Excuses People Use To Stay Off Work
Dumb You Are Funny: Some Excuses People Use To Stay Off Work

I had to read this again and again to make sure that my eyes are not deceiving me, hell my 10 year old nephew can give better reasons than these people.


Here’s the list of excuses people use to skip work


A can of baked beans landed on my big toe

I was swimming too fast and smacked my head on the poolside

I've been bitten by an insect

My car handbrake broke and it rolled down the hill into a lamppost

My dog has had a big fright and I don't want to leave him

My hamster died

I've injured myself during sex

I slipped on a coin

I've had a sleepless night

My mum has died (this was the second time the person used this excuse)

I am hallucinating

I am stuck in my house because the door is broken

My new girlfriend bit me in a delicate place

I burned my hand on the toaster

The dog ate my shoes

My fish is sick

I swallowed white spirit

My toe is trapped in the bath tap

I'm in A&E as I got a clothes peg stuck on my tongue

I drank too much and fell asleep on someone's floor - I don't know where I am

My trousers split on the way to work

I'm using a new contact lens solution and my eyes are watering

I have a blocked nose

I've had a hair dye disaster

I've got a sore finger


Epic fail of mother dying twice, or maybe his mother is a cat, she still has 7 lives in her.


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