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True Life Story: I Felt Stuck And Bored, So Idecided To Leave My Dead End Job
True Life Story: I Felt Stuck And Bored, So Idecided To Leave My Dead End Job

I’ve heard people saying they hated their jobs so they changed careers, I must admit I’ve always thought of them as over the top and somehow not very smart. How can you go through ¾ year at college and some 4/ 5 years at the job and then decide that it’s not a job for you. I thought that was just too dramatic and I associated it with laziness until it happened to me, yep I too up and left my job after only 3 months at it because I felt stuck and it just wasn’t the job for me.


I would come to work everybody will be all smiles, passing notes, papers, and sharing ideas I wanted none of that, I often felt stuck and I didn’t enjoy my job at all.


I just didn’t fit in with everybody and everything at work, I felt bored and left out all the time, I could bear it out for the first few months but as it came to a year, boredom didn’t go away, tasks became more boring and stupid.


I kept to myself, I really didn’t have friends at the office, I loathed the office gossiper the same way I loathed the nicest person there, they were all just too much for me, I didn’t want to be bothered.

 I did everything to make sure that nobody bothered me, I wanted them to just leave me alone so I would appear busy as possible while I was just staring at my computer.


I develop a work personality, a boring and frustrated always busy to chat type while at home and around my social scenes I’m the loudest who’s always willing to listen and have fun.


I just didn’t feel very excited or challenged at my job anymore, I knew my work backwards and there was no level of growth there, I had out grown the position I was in, I needed change with something that will challenge me and make me feel excited about waking up every morning and going to work.

 I decided after long consideration that I had to go, with no plan or any job offer I left.

It wasn’t very easy but I’m glad I did it.



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