The current recession is one of the longest downturns since the great depression of the 1930's ( It has affected each and every one of us, from the average bread winner to large corporations.

With the rising unemployment rates and cost saving initiatives Sevafrica eCareers was launched on the premise that together we can play our part in serving the nation by educating, uplifting and fulfilling your every recruitment need even in these tough economic times.


With an in-depth Business and Technology experience, the team at Sevafrica eCareers is highly knowledgeable & fully equipped to assist you the career seeker in finding employment in these stressful times and to assist you the client in sourcing the most suitable career seeker to compliment your organisation.

This is achieved by understanding your business and sourcing the right talent required to run your organisation WITHOUT THE TRADITIONAL PLACEMENT FEES!

Sevafrica Investment Holdings (PTY) Ltd is a 100% black company owned by women only. The company was established by a group of influential women from various sectors in the South African Economy.

Business Units includes: Foundation, Investments, Publications, Technology, Sevafrica Institute, Call Centre, Business Development, Financial Services & now eCareers.

SEVAFRICA.COM is a perfectly positioned as an internet E commerce Portal to maximize your Company’s exposure and product line in the discerning South African market.

List of Vacancies

Call Centre
Freight/ Shipping
Human Resources
Information Technology
Motor Industry...

for the Career Seeker  


Sevafrica eCareers aims to be the preferred international recruitment service provider by making a significant contribution to deliver advanced levels of service to corporates and individuals through economic and intellectual empowerment.


To provide a recruitment service that empowers businesses and career seekers worldwide with a service that is distinguished by our unwavering commitment to providing a unique and affordable service in placement of the finest partnership between a company and an employee and to optimise the intellectual bandwidth of both parties.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Growth and Development of Partnerships
  • Mentorship to promote economic Empowerment
  • Sharing of Intellectual Capital
  • Integration of the provision of a variety of services into all Business Partnerships
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