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Boost your sales – join the SEVAFRICA Accommodation & Travel Guide

Getting listed on the Accommodation & Travel Guide website will boost your sales of your facility. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the experience?

The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to the Accommodation & Travel Guide - and to provisionally*** offer your facility a 'mini web site' on the Accommodation & Travel Guide web site. Your 'mini-site' would consist of 3 pages of information (including text and photographs) about your facilities and packages you offer.

When you initially join the Accommodation & Travel Guide an announcement in our newsletter (155000+ subscribers), will give an immediate boost to your bookings, as will your inclusion in the new listings section of our web site – a web site that is listed in the top 1% of websites worldwide.

Even if you have an existing web site, participation in the Guide will still be of benefit to you.

Background to the guide

The Accommodation & Travel Guide - promotes the use of South African Hotels, Resorts, and Bed & Breakfasts (and allied facilities) by both local and international guests.

The site has an online booking service that enables visitors to the site to make bookings. It also offers a telephone advice and booking service.


You only pay a booking commission.

The only cost to your facility is 10% commission payable on all successful bookings In the unlikely event of you not benefiting from your listing, you may de-list at any stage (one calendar month’s notice). In such an event you will, of course, be required to pay commission on bookings make prior to the delisting.

The Success of the Guide

Part of the reason for the websites success is its high listing on both South African and International search engines. This is as a result of it being developed and maintained by search engine experts.

The web site (which consists of almost 20 000 pages) has hundreds of high listings on the major South African and international search engines and directories such as www.Google.com, www.Yahoo.com, www.MSN.com and www.Ananzi.co.za.

How the Guide operates

  • You will be listed on our web site - this listing will include listings by province and facilities as well as 3 full web pages about your facility. For examples, click here.
  • There will be a link on your web pages to a booking form. When visitors to the Accommodation & Travel Guide web site complete the booking form it is automatically emailed to us. Alternatively they telephone or email their bookings to us.
  • We then contact your reservation staff to arrange the booking.
Like to reap the benefits of participation?

To do so, please sign ‘the agreement’ and fax it back to us.

We will then send you the details of the text, information and images we will need to set up your mini-site. The more information we are able to get from you the better your listing will be.

Creating your web pages will normally take about four weeks from when the agreement is signed AND we receive your text and images and permission to copy material from your existing web site (if applicable). We reserve the right to edit the text you supply – (for style and search engine optimization purposes).

Review and inspection

Please note that the implementation of this agreement may be preceded or followed by a visit(s) to your establishment by a Health Spas Guide reviewer and / or inspector.

The purpose of the reviewer visit will be to experience and write about your spa (published in our newsletter and on our website). You will be asked to give our reviewer a typical experience of your spa and to make a knowledgeable member of your staff available to answer questions.

The inspector visit will be for quality control purposes - to ensure that your spa meets acceptable standards. You will be asked to show the inspector your facilities and to make a knowledgeable member of your staff available to answer questions.

The visit(s) will take place at a date and time convenient to both yourselves and the reviewer /inspector.

Updating of your pages

Your pages on the web site (including price list PDFs) will be updated at your request. Revised information should be emailed to us. Please ensure that this is done timeously as out of date information embarrasses both you and us.


We encourage you to offer specials (specials exclusive to the Accommodation & Travel Guide work very well). These will be highlighted on the web site and in newsletters.

We need to work as a team

In our experience, the facilities that benefit most from participation in the guide are those who work most closely with us. Vital factors in this relationship are quick responses from you and a creative relationship.

I look forward to your response. Should you have any queries, you are welcome to our team.

P.S. : Please note
Please note that notwithstanding anything contained in, or implied by, this document or the signed agreement, the Accommodation & Travel Guide reserves the absolute right to refuse to list, or postpone or cancel the listing of, any establishment at any time.
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