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Cruising Through Sea Sickness
Cruising Through Sea-Sickness In an event of any form of travelling, it is best to always take precautions to prevent medical problems.

Ginger capsules, ginger tea bags or ginger cookies help any traveler who suffers from sea-sickness because ginger, in any form, works wonders against nausea. For some people, the smell of the sea breeze can make them feel nausea. If you start feeling this way, however, it is best that you head straight for the deck for some fresh air. Keep your eyes on the horizon and avoid anything that will focus your eyes downwards.

Vitamin B6, which may be purchased at any food store, has been found by many people to be a good remedy against nausea. However, different prevention methods apply to different people. If positioned correctly, some people find help from an acupressure wrist band that presses against the nei kuan pressure point at the wrist. Aromatherapy oil applied to the temples is also claimed to be of useful benefit.

Ironically, those that get queasy reading in a moving car usually get motion sickness at sea also. There’s nothing like motion sickness to spoil a good sea cruise. Some people are aware about the fact that they are prone to motion sickness and they visit a doctor before their trip. As part of his prescription, the doctor might recommend a Transderm patch to wear behind your ear or Bonine and Dramamine.

Howver, such medication causes drowsiness. But if prevented, it will not only save your trip but the trip of those around you as well. Additionally bad weather is also a major contributor to motion sickness.
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Try and avoid the open sea as you possibly can. If you are prone to being seasick, you can make your journey more comfortable if you choose a cruise that features calmer waters, such as on a river or along a sheltered coast instead of the open sea. It has been said that ships with deep heavy keels usually are more stable than ships with shallow drafts. It also helps to choose a cabin on mid-level decks and toward the middle of the ship where there is less motion. The bow of the ship gets the most motion, and in some ships can heave and pound a lot.

Whilst taking a sea-travel, it is ideally to have sunscreen, burn medication, insect repellent, bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, pain and fever medication, antacids, a topical antibiotic, medicines for diarrhea and constipation and some vitamin C or herbal formulas in case a cold starts coming on. You can never carry ‘too much’ medication.

It’s also advisable to bring along with you your health documents that tell of what immunizations you’ve had or other medical information that you think is important. Certain ports might require that you issue these important documents along with your passport.

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